How to Break an Online Addiction


Since its inception, the Internet has been seen by many as both a help and a hindrance. The web has made it much easier for people to find information, for students to learn and for people to share stories with others. But, it has also created a new world of addiction. Online addiction comes in many forms, including online gambling addiction and online investment addiction. Online investment addiction is a common complaint Mark Matson addresses with advisers and/or clients.


Inform Your Family


If you have created separate investment accounts online from your spouse, this could be a sign of addiction. You should tell your spouse about the accounts immediately and give them access to the accounts as well. Whether this includes providing them with the username and password or adding them as an authorized user, they can likely help you with your addiction to online investing.


Set Limits


It is typically very difficult to break an addiction, especially when it comes to the Internet, which tends to be so readily available. You need to set limits for yourself and must stick to them or you might never break the cycle. If you use a computer for work, limit the time you spend on your investment accounts while at work. Make it a rule that you don’t access them at all while at work. When at home, try to spend as much time off the computer as possible and with your family.


Don’t Use a Computer for Fun


Anyone with an online addiction should shy away from using their computer for fun. Use it simply for emails, work and to pay bills. That’s it. Remove all computer games from your device and don’t even check your social media accounts on the computer. The more your computer entices you to use it, the more likely you are to deepen your addiction.


Monitor Your Progress


Always monitor your progress. It helps remind you how far you’ve come in the battle with online addiction. For example, take a look at the time you allotted for online usage for the week. If you allotted eight hours and only used six, you are making progress.


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